Undergrad Degrees and Programs

Agricultural systems technology (AST) combines interests in machines and business. This career puts you at the forefront of technological innovation in agriculture, environmental protection and related industries.

Through the combination of business principles and a knowledge of the latest technology, AST students develop the skills necessary to become successful in sales, service, product development and environmental management positions with agribusinesses. Students interested in production agriculture emphasize precision agriculture and environmental protection.

Ag Systems Technology Internship

An internship will help you gain experience and earn credit hours for your degree.

Precision Ag Certificate

Precision agriculture is a key part of the AST curriculum. A certificate in precision agriculture technology can supplement an agricultural systems management degree. Gain in-demand skills while building a strong foundation in data and machinery management and learning ways to maximize profit. The certificate offered at Mizzou consists of the following four courses:

  • Intro to Precision Ag. (Precision Agriculture Science and Technology – AST 4360)
  • Future Trends in Precision Ag. (Machinery Management Using Precision Agriculture Technology – AST 4365)
  • Data Management & Analysis in Precision Ag. (Data Management and Analysis Using Precision Agriculture Technology – AST 4366)
  • Economics in Precision Ag. (Profit Strategies Using Precision Agriculture Technology – AST 4368)

In order to get into these classes, students are expected to take Chem 1100 (or equivalent) and Soils 2100.

Visit the University Registrar for course descriptions.

The graduate certificate consists of (must take four):

  • AST 7360
  • AST 7365
  • AST 7366
  • AST 7368
  • AST 8360